Blogging from School...again.

I still find it amazing that they block everything...but blogger.

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my beef Katie J!!
and I, skipping through the Wakeland Hallways on one of my last days in high school.

Ive been doing alot of combined blogs, sorry about that; Im too busy with the end of the year stuff to write all of my thoughts every night.

Last Thursday my orchestra had our last concert of the year, and we did basically...BADASS, we got 3 standing ovations. Afterwards during the reception I started having this really deep conversation with my recital pianist and she made me realize that there are people that genuinely care about others success and egocentrism. We were talking about how I always play so...unconfidently in my recitals, when during the rehearsals I play amazingly. To keep the story short; I can play for myself when Im thinking about one subject to aim my passion during my playing for but not when I have 30 or so people staring at me. My pianist's name is Oksana Ajowuerhnva [something Ukranian :D] and she and my orchestra director/life mentor are two of the most inspirational people I have ever come to know; they both moved from Russia by themselves to build a life in America both at around the age of 20, shortly after finishing University. They both taught themselves English and became well known performers in the States by the time they were 25 and now they both take on the job as educators for young teen musicians. Shortly before our conversation ended I said "the next time we play together I will try to do my best and not get nervous again" and Oksana replies back with "no Rebekah, you wont try, you will do, just play, play with all of your heart and everything you've ever put into that music will come pouring out and anyone listening will feel what you feel; and Rebekah...remember, you are the best. you, yourself, will always be the best and no one can change that", she then winked, hugged me and walked away. I cried. Ive never had anyone care so much about my success in ANYTHING as much as both of my teachers have this year. Liudmila and Oksana, thank you so much.

I turned 18 last Saturday :]] and I had the best birthday of my life so far. My parents bought me a 1950's style cruiser bike and went way out of their way to find the perfect one. My sister's gift to me is taking me to get my first tattoo, and the way she showed it at my actual party was by wrapping A&D ointment which was really comical because my parents didnt get it at first. My time to type this is almost over, seeing as how Im at school, in my art lab trying to waste time before I take my one and only exam left of my high school career. Im nervous even though I know Ill pass. I dont even need the credit but I would still like to do well. [sigh]

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