A well needed renewal...

-So there's news that there's a new girl in my horizon. She's lovely.

-The GSA got approved two Friday's ago.

-I have applied to 3 colleges so far.

-I am in desperate need of getting a portfolio together.

-School is wearing me out!!

-I got my graduation present early, and its this beautiful new macbook.

-My halloween costume for tonight was the most amazing costume I have EVER had.

-I am running the Gary Burns tomorrow at the beautiful hour of 8:30AM.


-Im falling pretty hard for this girl. Damn hormones.


Do you remember?

Do you remember when we were carefree
and senseless, open-minded yet closed-on
one another face to face?
When we could care less about the world
around and only what happened inside our
two-morphed soul?
To the time when our eyes glittered over and
we daydreamed of the others simple touch?
When that touch burned and we knew it was

the best, the fire-lit passion within us?
Do you remember that day, the room was
bright with skylight blues and pure white,
when nothing seemed between us and we let
it surround us, folding us in; together?
It was so serene.

Do you remember fighting for one another,
hiding for one another, being that ONE for
one another?
How about the countless hour driven
explorations of one another hearts, delving
into our darkest pasts, sharing, loving,
To the time when we only glowed of the
highest shine and nothing so dark as below
the reaches of the sea, we were golden baby,
you and me, when we thought we would be
lasting, infinite, free-to-be?

The time when I would smooth your hair
after you were upset or Id sneak up and hug
you from behind?
I am always wondering if she'll ever remember.


The Corruption of UIL All-Region Orchestra Auditions

So it went bad.

No, not my playing, my playing was fantastic, best Ive ever played in a competition alone. My judges were corrupted.

Tell me how someone that devotes the past 8 weeks of her life to practicing grade 1 music excerpts and executes it REALLY well in an audition majorly inhabited by cocky asians and ends up placing 65th out of 80?

My teacher, my parents and all of my friends that were auditioning with me are PISSED. Everyone thinks the judging system was corrupted because an old orchestra director [who happened to be judging in our rooms] comes up to us and asks our numbers [we had designated numbers, the auditions are supposed to be anonymous] and all of us are of course like...why would she care, why would she want to know. It turns out both kids from HER orchestra made it while only ONE from ours did, our teachers can recognize our playing and therefore give really high marks when we come around.

My solution: no more teacher judges, find us some real judges you UIL bitches, make it fair for everyone.


Thats All I Have to Say...



Its October, and Im Happier Than I Have Been

I think I am the moon's child, my moods are always fluctuating and balancing between the moons cycles; always highest level of insanity and insomnia around full-moons.
But not only is it that, but...obviously recently Ive been in really bad moods...and then today I woke up and I had this mental awareness that today would be great, because the moon just switched into its 4th equinox (the beginning of fall).

-ex went into the psych/suicide ward
-i got yellow paint on a black hoodie! YES!
-i passed an econ quiz for once
-i smiled alot more than usual
-i found a threshold of GAZILLIONS of sheets of suede and velour board, THE MOTHERLOAD!
-and i havent worried once about LMN!