I have been a lot happier lately.
Ive been running, riding my bike, and walking the dogs.
Ive also been talking to people more.
My lesbianism seems to be leveling out, becoming more comfortable around other people [...I have random bouts of going-back-into-the-closet scares] and my parents are being more open about it. Mother and I watched Oprah's interview of Carol Leifer and her partner Lori Wolf [and their dogs] together and later talked about the same-sex marriage approval in Vermont, as well as the proposal for the same in New Hampshire. Today she helped me locate a copy of O Magazine April Issue for the CL/LW interview and the amazing lesbianized "American Gothic" illustration, which consumed a whole page itself. Carol Leifer is the author of the book When You Lie About Your Age, The Terrorists Win, which is an autobiography of sorts about her welcoming into her own lesbianism and how she dealt with coming out to her Jewish heritage family and her growth as a comedian. I CANNOT wait to read it. The local library probably wont have it, seeing as how it comes out this month, so I think Ill have to spring for it and buy it. Oh well. Speaking of buying things...I need a job, badly, want one actually and no one is calling back. -fingers crossed- I am doing a charity fun-run this Saturday for a local family's twin baby girls that were taken by Nieman-Pick Disease shortly before their 2nd birthday; hopefully it will be fun, Im doing the run with the senior girls from my school as well as my Mom and 13-year old niece.

-le sigh-

heading off now.

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