I finally met this really cool girl named Megan [hey Megan, I know you're reading this] and that made my day pretty damn awesome. I think we talked for at least 4 hours. :]]


I have pretty much the best best friend in the world.
My breast friend [female best friend] Claudia won her medal today for being the greatest friend in my time of need.

I text her, begging her to go shopping with me far far away from where we live because Im feeling pretty down about this 'girl'. I love this 'girl'...but Im finding it difficult to make her my own. WHATEVER. Anyways, she agrees and Im at her house in a flash. In the 10 minutes she had between ending our conversation and my arrival she has done the unthinkable. First she greets me at the door with Cookie [her dog] in her arms and automatically says "Cookie and Clau love you." while pouting and waving the dogs paws at me. When I step in the door she has pushed every piece of furniture in the living room to the outer parts of the room and turns to me and says "are you ready for this? -dun-dun-dun-da-dun-dun-duh-duh-" and then turns on our "song", which is the song we constantly listened to the summer we first hung out alot, turns on a powerpoint strobe light show that she made and then starts thrashing around dancing and grabs me and makes me dance with her. We then proceed to do some quick yoga moves, search the house for her missing clothes-- she loses everything within 2 minutes of putting it down-- and then head out to door to complete our shopping ritual [its always Wet Seal, Forever 21, Starbucks, Ikea, Petco and then either Subway or Chipotle] ALWAYS, we never skip anything, even if we dont need to go to the store. And while at Starbucks she always makes me flirt with the male workers to get their attention and then we walk away holding hands, just to mess with them, she thinks its funny. Straight [ally] people think anything gay is funny, weirdos. She also uses me as her lesbian to make un-wanted male attention stop in their tracks, which usually doesnt work, that just makes them happier...go figure. And when we leave anywhere with one of her boy toys we turn on very girly music [i.e. Taylor Swift] and when they complain we drive slower and play and sing it louder :] because we can.

She is my best friend.
My peruvian twin.
Almost sister by 2 days.
Her name is Claudia.
She has a dog named Cookie.
She's awesome.
End of story.

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KayakMango said...

Claudia, good job! i applaud you