justin: one day, i will help though
bekah: :] yes you will
justin: if i get rich, im gonna donate so much money to endo research
bekah: march is endo month, wear yellow. mom and i are ordering the research shirts
justin: and get you a fuckin sweet kickass robot heart!
bekah: haha sweeeet, ill be bionic
justin: totally! and.. the best part is. itll be wired to your brain so when you're happy cause of love, itll glow
justin: one condition though
bekah: it be?
justin: your first born's middle name must be megatron
bekah: just a spiced up form of megan, so ok :] lol
justin: YES! YES YES YES!!!!!! i would freaking marry you for that rofl.

the amazingness of the only straight man I have ever dated, that cares more about me that my own best friend...well he is sort of my best friend but he seems like a forbidden lover of some sort the majority of the time though.


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KayakMango said...

i think justin is adorable! omg you being a mommy, what an amazing thought!!