I am unaverage.

I found out today that Im not the only one with no sense of smell!!
My publications adviser cannot smell anything either, but thats because she stuck a piece of aluminum up her nose as a kid thinking she could get radio transmissions and mine is caused by the endo-treatment [I think, I honestly dont know for a fact].

And she also smells with her mouth and her sense of taste is better as well. SO IM NOT ALONE.

Im sitting here in newspaper publication and we just put a paper out so we're just chilling out, eating reeses, listening to Lady Gaga, Enya, Tim McGraw and Ace of Base. Carl sings horribly, Katie laughs her cute laugh, Greg looks at random webpages, Grayson reads tabloids, Allie sings with Carl, Ryan is silent in the corner, Davonna is making fun of Brittney's music choice and Brittney is biting back, Ciera is talking about the JoBros, Raper is talking about getting old [pfft whatever, shes only 29], and here I am blogging, breathing fairly easy today and in a strangely good mood.

Headed off to English and then precal. And before I go all the way to the other side of the freaking campus Im gonna buy myself a Butterfinger- so I survive English with Malone...incredibly boring. HORRENDOUSLY terribly sadly un-entertaining. I need all the luck I can get to not snap on that class. We have the biggest bigot of the school in that class so yeah...it's a constant and daily battle to NOT rip his head off.

Ciao "D

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KayakMango said...

i know i am not the only one to think so, but i knew you were unaverage along time ago. As for the not being able to smell thing, i am sorry, because i love the scent of a few things...gasoline, britney spears perfume, as well as love spell. however i do not have a strong taste sense. i taste strong flavors but thats about it. i believe thats why i enjoy chocolate so much. and i do not like eggs. they are gross. good luck with english, and might i say, you deserve a butterfinger for having to sit through that class. oh and one more thing...shout out to lady gaga!! here is to hoping your strange good mood day continues!!