Feb 12, 2009

I wonder why I feel like this.

The beating pressure in my head.
Body above normal temperature and then plummeting back below normal.
Causing a euphoric sensation but in the most negatory of ways.
Breath stops short and brain is deprived of its life source ounce by ounce.
Focus becomes limited and concentration defaults to a toddler like mentality. 
Body finds most difficult of ways to hold its muscles with its bones, more pain, but why?
Something inside of me wants out, its beating me up inside because I will not set it free.
Palpitations ebb and weave, undefinable, uncontrollable and deafening.
Always the constant smell of something sweet with never a new fluctuation.
Mouth takes over my scent sense where my nose malfunctions and I can 'smell' things Ive never known.
Eyes see in a natural sepia, while eyes hardly see at all?
Body seems too big for control.
Im too tired to take the control.
Losing all control.

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KayakMango said...

wow bek what you are describing scares the shit out of me. but its beautifully written together!