12:04 PM February 6, 2009

When I woke up at 6 this evening, first of all I was surprised to find myself alive and not only that but it felt like there were a ton of bricks on my chest; and then it all came back to me.

A little after 12 this afternoon my heart stopped briefly, I lost all ability to breathe and my heart began an irregular rhythm, I would have blacked out if my art teacher Mr. Baker hadn't literally ran me through the masses of oblivious students to the nurses office where they only looked at me once and then pulled out the heart rate monitors, blood pressure pumps and the thermometers. I sat trying to compose myself and think about breathing so I wouldn't faint while 3 nurses were monitoring and holding me up. Then 5 minutes [which means she was probably going 80 on eldorado] later my mom is busting through the doors and I was rushed to Baylor ER where they took me to urgent care. Reality definitely sinks in when you're asked to sign a living will document, then all hell and worry breaks loose inside your head.

It turns out that my heart is swollen and the heart murmur they found twice before is more lethal than they initially thought. I am having a sonogram taken of my heart soon to know what it is. This has no correlation to my endometriosis, its just part of the life I will deal with for as long as Im on this earth. So here I am, on another months bed rest, cant breathe and worrying about dying at any minute. Will I ever know what it's like to be a normal teenager?

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KayakMango said...

Bek! I am so glad you are ok. You had quite the day. i hope they can diagnose your heart properly. let me know about developments. keep your head up kid. always here to support you in anyway you need. -KayakMango

Gina said...

That must've been extremely scary. Saying "Get Well" makes it seem like you have a cold, but until someone comes up with a better quote "Get well" is all I know to say..

Hang in there too seems appropriate