Lesbianism and all its glory.

As of recent I have found myself thinking more about my sexuality and my comfortableness about being open with it. Im not QUESTIONING my lesbianism by any means but Im afraid to admit that Im a little bit still in the closet when it comes to some people, and I blame it on my failing confidence and my reclusiveness. Im climbing back into the shell because its easier that way.


No one likes the quiet girl.
Im a gay girl in a right-winged world. Texas, conservative capital of the whole fucking nation; and somehow I get stuck here. It ashames me that I have even thought that MAYBE Im stepping little by little back into the closet because Im tired of so many people looking right through me when they find out that I am a lesbian. Maybe if I had a girlfriend again I wouldn't feel so lowly, but really I should never rely on someone else to make me feel comfortable with myself. THEREFORE. I am making very lesbian shirts and pointing out more gay things to my mom. 

I am truly trying. Very hard. 

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KayakMango said...

you are my hero...never feel lowly. never give up. just be you, you make the world pretty by being you. and i love seeing the shirts you contemplate on buying.