For all those out there that think I am a reclusive, unintelligent, uneducated, artistic freak:
-You're right about the reclusive artistic part.
-I never talk because I always feel that at any moment I could burst into tears, opening my mouth to talk about something would only welcome the tears to escape.
-When I do talk I have a soft and delicate voice, this doesnt mean Im weird or stuck-up or that I think highly of myself, it just means Im calm and also that I cannot use the force needed from my stomach muscles to sound more superior because it hurts to use those muscles.
-I also rarely laugh because of this pain.
-I waddle occasionally like a penguin/duck/whateverbirdthatwaddles because I am in pain and I often massage the muscles around my pelvic bone while in class and honestly, Im glad that it freaks people out; they need a taste of what abnormality is.
-Im ready for a world full of people that will speak their minds verbally and one-on-one; rather than the current situation where people are too fickle to push their thoughts out into actually spoken words to fix a malfunction in the human race.
-Just because I dont have daily political rants about who-said-what it doesnt mean that I dont know whats going on in the world.
-I maintain a 95 grade average, and while most people are surprised by this...Im not, because I work my fucking ass off to get the grades that I do and I dont appreciate it when people belittle me; the one place that a peer actually recognized my smarts was in my regular psych class [not regular by choice, I couldnt fit AP into my schedule] when we had to match idioms with partners and I was solving everyone else's.
-I play dumb sometimes so peers wont copy my homework.
-I am changing; Im becoming more honest.
-One thing that I thought would help me get through this year is taking more care of myself, and it hasnt helped one bit.
-I am ready to move on from my past; ready for a relationship that cares [which means Ill have to wait maybe, oh, 10 years?], ready for a career that can distract me from the aches and pains I struggle with, ready for a clear solution to everything that ails me.
-I dont deal well with broken promises.
-I dislike fake people, but then again, who doesnt.
-Death is my biggest fear for myself, friends and family.
-I have seriously considered changes my career path from 

studio artist/photographer to obstetrician/gynaecologist 
[yes, that is the proper spelling in the medical world]
-In the past two months I have lost all sense of smell and my sense of taste has gotten incredibly sharp, as well as my ability to read lips.
-I am not average.
-I think about suicide way too often for it to be normal and it scares me more and more every time.
-I usually look angry. That's my relaxed face most of the time. Other times, when I am angry, it is very obvious.
-I love the paranormal.
-I think I will create some sort of change in my life, hey maybe Ill be the first obgyn to find the source and cure for endometriosis?
-I love red-heads, does that make me narcissistic?
-My best friend is a very gay man that fantasizes about shagging me, best friend meaning the only person I can tell everything and get a genuine, thoughtful response from; Plus he flirts, tackles, hugs and holds me like a girlfriend [haha] and I think he's the main reason I haven't offed myself yet. He goes through alot...and he's still here for me as well. We are fighting the homosexual disease in a right-winged world together.
-I cant laugh, cry, talk, sneeze, or breath without everything in my abdomen aching profusely.
-I love everything about my skin, alabaster and red/brown freckles. I also love my body, I am not ashamed of it ever...well except when I'm swollen up like a pregnant woman, then its embarrassing and annoying to explain.
-I miss my dad more than I let on because I don't want him to feel bad for having a job that sucks him out of our house every week for 3 days+ every time.
-I'm going to stop being sorry for alot of things.
-My mother is the only person that seems to know me inside and out, we also tend to have the same tendencies...which is probably why we get on each others nerves alot.
-I feel weak, but Im strong; how else would I still be here?
-I was
born with pneumonia, its a fucking miracle that Im still here.
-this is unfinished.

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Anonymous said...

your life is a miracle to others. you inspire us to get up each morning and the face the day. is it courage? is it fear? no its embarrassment and competitiveness. we realize if a girl, a senior in high school, with an ailing disease can live a somewhat regular life than we should as well. thank you for making me face each new day.