Recovery Day 5.

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It's the 5th day of my post OP after Monday's exploratory laparascopy and I feel absolutely, ridiculously, horrifically terrible. I wake up everyday feeling nauseous. Every time I stand up I have to do it slowly so I don't jostle my scarred organs too much. I have to maneuver myself in awkward ways so that I can get in and out of bed alone.

The surgery took an hour and a half longer than what they planned because they actually found what they thought was there: endometrial tissue covering my uterus and ovaries. Which proves to everyone out there, I do in fact have the disease Endometriosis and I will for my whole life. They had to make larger incisions to get to the scar tissue that covered the vital organs and burn it off. During that process they hit my ureter, so its been really hard to pee lately haha. And I also had to have a blood transfusion like they warned about, hip hip hooray. Its like starting all over, teaching organs and muscles what their function is.

Supposedly, my parents and nurse told me, I woke up from anesthesia screaming because they hadnt given me ANY pain killers; therefore I was granted 5 shots of morphine, mmm. And then I couldnt stop scratching my nose because the morphine made me itch all over and my pain meds that Im on right now do the same so I seem like a druggie because Im always scratching my nose haha.

It is so painful though, my dad said he was surprised that I wasnt in the "chewing nails" stage since its the 5th day of recovery. The pain killers havent seemed to help today, which is disappointing because they were working well for a few days. ANYWAYS more later, 4 more weeks of recovery to go. And in 2 weeks, NEW TREATMENT!

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ill be here every step of the way