The Day Before Surgery

I think I just had one of the best moments with my mother.

As we're sitting here looking through PostSecret, she is picking out various postcards that apply to her past as well as the creators. Then we start to read Zen Moments, which are about good acts of kindness that people that done that touched and changed their lives forever and all of a sudden all we know is that we've both got tears running down our faces and we know its not from sadness. Its because we both have done these things and we never actually knew others did the same acts. Just like recently the man's credit card in front of me at Starbucks was declined so I stepped up and paid for his coffee and it wasnt anything really abnormal for me because I didnt really think much of it. And when we were waiting a the barista for our coffee to be made he turned to me with tears welling in his eyes and thanked me for being so kind, he explained that his family was struggling to barely make Christmas this year (then again, who isnt) and that he thought he would be able to indulge in something small like a tall Americano, just a tall and I shocked him by being so young and generous and that he wished he knew more people like me. I told my mom this and she was really proud of me, and the next time we went into the coffee shop the waiter behind the counter greated my mom by saying "you know you've got a little humanitarian there, right?" and she smiled huge and said "yes, i know i do, its pretty amazing." But as soon as we got out to the car she was bawling...because 10 years ago or so my parents bank account was down to the minimal figure of $10 and they barely had any help starting from the ground up and she also said that she "wished we had more people like me."

Maybe thats my purpose, to help people. 
Can I help people with art?
With photography?
Im already joining the Peace Corps after college.
Im a FREAKING TOMS intern, haha :]

It seems like my calling...because I already love to volunteer, the majority being at Frisco Resale for service hours (and Frisco Humane Society, for fun) required for NHS when all my other NHS-ers are gripping about how boring and dirty it is...and what they dont know...is that I volunteer there on a pretty regular basis aside from the REQUIRED service. 

Also my chapter of Friends of Rachel [the offshoot student group of Rachel's Challenge] has raised $856 for CS, a junior that was diagnosed and has been going through chemotherapy for spinal cancer this year. I am so proud, that means we sold 428 "angels for Cody" which kids bought for $.50 and wrote messages to him wishing him well and hope. For Christmas our FOR sponsor delivered the money and the angels to Cody's family to help cover the cost of chemo so that they could have a decent Christmas like everyone else.

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KayakMango said...

Bek you are my hero, and my inspiration. someday i want to do a rando act of kindness like you have done countless times. your mom is right, we do need more people like you. maybe if we did, we would have a better world. May God Bless you, and your family this christmas. it is people like you that make the christmas season seem brighter, and more hopeful.