Today my Mom self-identified herself with the most awkward, introverted, mother-hen type female contestant on "Mama's Boys" and she spilt out her feelings about hating the way it feels while driving to Barnes and Noble. She used to think it wasnt so bad but when she saw it on TV, for herself rather, she really got to thinking.

It made me feel horrible to hear the sadness in her voice after so many years of secluding herself from the world. A few years ago she shared with me that her biggest downfall was being so nice to everyone. My Mom was always the cheerful, happy, always smiling person that tried to make someones day better with a smile; until someone asked her: "why are you always so happy? why do you smile so much and never talk?" and that ended my mom's happiness for what seems like forever.

Up until recently [past 2-3 years] she was constantly looking for reasons to stay at the house. But when she finally pushed herself back into her normal routine and sought after a gym she found one special lady that made her day better, with a simple smile. Now she has weekly 'coffee dates' with her girlfriends and they plan parties situated around each others lives as well as their simultaneous parties so they can all be at the same ones together... and all because someone finally smiled back at her. And it really makes me wonder; why arent there more people like my Mom and her friends?

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KayakMango said...

Your mother inspires me. Tell her that tomorrow, and give her a good smile.