Oh, prop 8.

Where does one begin to emphasize the fallacies of proposition 8.

Oh the fucking ignorance that is ruminating off of our country right now. I am so infuriated that I dont even know where to begin with this. Prop 8, as all of you should know, is the proposition that the state of California put into the ballot along with the presidential candidates to decide if the already legalized marriage between lesbians and gays earlier this year [May 15, 2008, prop 22] should be banned. 

52.5% voted [YES]
47.5% voted [NO]

Thank you to all those that voted no. 
Victims of the poorly influenced because of faith, need to set aside the cult-like margins that they've set themselves up in and see life as a reality. We [fellow lesbians, myself and our fabulous gay friends] will keep fighting until we have just the same treatment as any other hetero-couple in America, and as soon as the super-structured-conforming-sissies LEARN this, we will be at peace and there will no longer be any need or worry about whether we will "strike again" with some outrageous riot for gay marriage and equality rights. 

AND ASIDE FROM THAT, HOW IS IT LEGAL TO REPEAL SOMETHING ALREADY SET IN STONE ONLY 5 MONTHS AFTER ITS LEGALIZATION? I dont see them doing that to any other proposition that was voted in. I think if our world was free of religion we would all be happy and peaceful with one another, but at the same time we wouldnt have the inspirations for art and drama as we've had in our history. Religious institutions are probably, if not already proven to be, the most pressuring elements that any person has on their life. 

And to top it all off, our super so-called Republican of the senior class 2009 thinks he's going to be clever and give us his poorly planned out thoughts on prop 8 by saying that "prop 8 better be passed because all those fucking homos are stupid for thinking they should get the same treatment as us superior straight, more refined people." There was verbal abuse, throwing of shoes and bitter contempt from myself, and 4 other close friends backing me up [not to mention, these other people are Republican followers and not nearly as upset about Obama's election into office and still believe in equality]. This boy knows who he is, and he knows he's stupid. He always says things that have a sign laying over his mouth saying 'insert foot here.' He needs a reality check.

"yes, we can." -Barack Obama

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