A Recollection on the Mistakes of My Past.

Over the course of this blog the opinions stated reflect only those of RNC, the author of this spectacular blog, and while they are bitter and ill-equipped towards 3 singular girls, collectively The Battleground Scars of My Past, there had also been really wonderful times with every single girl. So carry on, enjoy my smart-ass biting comments and imagine how my life functions through these oh so perfect matches to my heart. 

-the transgender bisexual with the 9-year old boy haircut that most every girl, straight or gay fawned over whilst no guy ever stepped near her. most commonly known to make promises and then break them easily without any slight discomfort to her conscious. cheats openly and dismisses the events as accidents and then asks for forgiveness repetitively. thinks suicidal threats are the cure for everything and doesnt know when to move on. biggest mistake of my life.

-the gorgeous, angry lesbian that works in a prestigious hair salon with near a dozen other gay men and women and has a mad obsession with a certain actress. her hormones are raging storms of fury and she is constantly visualizing her fantasy woman. known to jump to conclusions and act out eratically often hurting her current girlfriends feelings. doesnt think rationally, ever, and overreacts about most benign situations and sees herself as the god reincarnate in lesbian, woman form. and all the while i feel the need to punch a wall because of her...i will never regret it, or call HER a mistake and i wish i could have gotten another chance. and STILL DO.

-the super dyke of the metroplex, soon to be state champion wrestler, 160 weight class. acts sweet, often repeating the same things over and over, leaving room for assumption that her head is filled with bubbles but as soon as sparked she turns into a mega-bitch. has the audacity to expunge racial slurs from her mind toward her current girlfriend of who she didnt seem to catch onto having a bi-racial niece of whom she loves more than anything in the world. tries but doesnt understand her current girlfriends situation and disregards most of the issues. a disaster in the making. 

Hopefully [BAJ] is my last mistake for a while. Lord have mercy, I would just rather be single.

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KayakMango said...

mistakes are often life experiences that teach us the most. trust me single life isnt great...you only live once, and mistakes happen whether or not you try and avoid them. ive made alot of mistakes, and i wouldnt trade them for anything. because they are all valuable lessons i have had to learn, even if it was painful

KiD JAY said...

ive been reading your blogs, im impressed. keep up the good work.