Election 2008.

So Barack Obama won. Hooray :]]

And boo to all the sour Republicans out there that can only think pessimistically because they're so-called leader with such different proposals didnt win. 
Either way guys, we have a leader, that will either change or rupture our country, just like former Pres. George W. Bush did, and every Republican still stood by him while he sent troops to Iraq...where we havent really accomplished anything yet. 

I cant wait until Obama pulls us out of this recession with a quick hand and steadies every off-balance issue standing idle right now because of our economic downfall. I just cant wait until all the snobby Republicans that have no open minds finally realize that either leader we would have had would have done just as well. No single man or woman can change the world any better than another can, its all a series of steps and how the person takes and plans them. Sometimes it works out for the best, sometimes it fails and we pick up the pieces and reorganize and finalize the goal.

But anyways, congratulations to the Democratic party; Sorry to the Republican party. And dont give up America, bound together we could all fix this. So stop the automatic segregation!!

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KayakMango said...

You make some excellent points. But unfortunately i think most republicans will be sour for a time. One of the great things about the United States of America is our democratic republic system. its healthy for our society to have change every so often. This time its the time to work together you are right.