Newspaper Deadlines and Energy Bars

If there is something I learn coming out of this its that things never go like they should.

Last night was my newspaper's deadline work night, and well the server we base our templates off of crashed, leaving us with no vices to work with what-so-ever. So here we are, all 10 of us up at the office at 8 AM this morning working on this paper, that no one will ever read unless we beg them, because we love our paper.

Our server crashes 6 more times. But my co-editor and myself pull through it together and we get every page proofed and pristine. We are proud.

So my peer and I are left to fend for ourselves as our head-honcho (we'll call her M.R) leaves midway through our completion to take care of her spawn. And I have to say, we make a pretty damn good team, she has the memory and I have the computer skills. Around 3 PM (by the way...I was excused from all of my classes today to finish this glorious 8-page leaflet) I fax in all of the proofs, pdfs and queue of 1000 to our printer. And idealy, I made M.R. very proud by being able to accomplish all of this without her guidance, she never knew what kind of forte I could produce.

And then comes the time I finally get to leave the office and go home. I instead swing by my art haven and as soon as I walk in the door my art director can tell Im overly "spent" if you will. She gasps "OMG bekah you look starved child," -pulls energy bar out of bag- "EAT NOW!" Just the FACT that she can look at me within the first 2 seconds of my arrival and can tell that I havent eaten anything the entire day amazes me and makes me love her even more.

One day they will all know how they impact my life. Every second means the world and they dont even realize it yet.

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