Can a real doctor please stand up...

Woke up this morning, a funny taste in my...head [oh wait that was half a gallon of water]
Spackled some...butter [no no no, it was the warm jelly goop]
Over my whole grain...pelvis?

Thank you Sara Bareilles- inspiration of [prose?]

So I had my third sonogram today, that of which have become checkpoints on the never ending road to discovery about the origins of my pain. The procedure lasted the whole hour seven-->eight this morning and the results came back showing absolutely nothing wrong. This infuriates me to no end, oh wait, no it depresses me. I feel like Im always going to be in pain because my doctors are so insufficient in knowledge and brainpower. Let me remind you, this has been going on for 5 years now and Ive never been told whats wrong.

The sonogram images are being sent to the GI doctor I visited and she is going to decide what the next step is. Here's out choices:

-pain specialist
-surgeon scope
-scope procedure
-symax perscription
-internal sonogram

ALRIGHT-so thats something not lightly to touch on with me.

ON THE OTHER HAND. First two days of school.
Day one-marvelous
Day two-absolutely, ridiculously sucky
I really, utterly, sadly want to see the girl. I just want to see her face and how she reacts to seeing me. I wrote her a letter and have it in front of me as I type, Im rather scared to give it to her...[1] because I was told to deliver it in person [2] because its kinda mushy [3] because Im scared of confronting her. As a whole...Im screwed. As far as I know she still hates my guts.

Class Ranking-->
AP 2D-amazing
Economics-not so great
Art III-mediocre
Newspaper-fabulous, although reduced
AP Lit-amazing

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