Life, babies, and art.

I just stumbled across a new feminist blog on a website that I really enjoy reading and they produced new ways to be FIERCE without having to refer to a certain male organ as our defense mode.

So we as women can either be "titsy" or "ovarian".
Both of which are amazing adjectives to me.

"Im being titsy today, hear me roar!"
Doesnt that just sound freaking wonderful.
I think so.
----------------------------ON the other hand.
I realized that every aspect of life fascinates me. We [the fam and I] had been perusing all around a neighboring city and I find myself staring, capturing, absorbing everything I look at. Like the way an artist just somehow decided to design the PEI WEI neons or how the City Hall buildings are built architecturally to define an image through the positioning of the reflective black glass panels. And even the new art in front of the newest firehouse was thought provoking, and since my family is composed of vigilant graphic designers and UV specialists from the Hallmark company we had a fued. Artistic fueds are always the best.

Another highlight, my nephew, of a darling 4 years of age said he loved me today for the first time ever. He's a sneaky little boy but he's too cute to get mad at. All the while my baby niece woke up crying all throughout dinner after her rendevous at the local Chucky Cheese, poor kid.
----------------------------oh and remember...im being titsy today.

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KayakMango said...

I am proud to say, im being very OVARIAN today