Ways to stay happy.

  • sing with all your might
  • eat that brownie you've been craving for a week
  • go running because you WANT to, not to lose weight
  • smile even if your world is falling apart
  • wake up and put on clothes that make you feel put together, even if you're staying in all day
  • lay out in the grass and watch the clouds float by
  • spend hours upon hours at the library
  • watch the sun rise
  • dream
  • dance like no one's watching
  • write letters to family members and friends reminding them of how much you love them
  • play with makeup
  • paint
  • imagine the world with fluorescent colors
  • paint your nails
  • do something out of your comfort zone
  • learn a funny, new word
  • dont step on that scale
  • rearrange a room
  • make a collage
  • to be continued...

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