My Daily Rations: The Pills That Keep Me Alive.

Pristiq: (desvenlafaxine)
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This is the anti-depressant I am taking to treat dually the pain from my endometriosis as well as the depression caused by the onset of constant chronic pain. I like the shape of the pill, for some reason it makes taking 6+ pills daily a little better.

Fish Oil/Omega-3:
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This is good for mood swings and overall cheerfulness, I guess is a good way to say it. I take it as a suppliment to Pristiq because its more of a homeopathic approach to treating depression and Im all for herbal medicine.

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Also a suppliment to Pristiq. Its also good for helping me maintain strong bones and somewhat alleviates the symptoms of menopause.

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Keeps my bones strong while Im in "medical menopause", preventing osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. (I still have bad arthritis, but its caused by some accidents Ive had in the past).

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Good for heart and blood health. I need both of these seeing as I have a heart murmur and anemia. Its my favorite because its a cute little red pill. (...hey, I have to make this fun in some way)

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For my muscle elasticity and my blood health. Being a runner and a newly christened ballerina I need all the potassium I can get to keep my muscles and joints supple and healthy. I take suppliments because Im allergic to bananas and was having a hard time getting all of the potassim I needed.

Well there you have it. The torture Im put through day-to-day. HA.

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