Gearing Up.

College is right around the corner and I dont know how to even begin mentally preparing myself for it. Right now Im enrolled to major in photography, but at semester, if I still really want to, Im changing my major to pre-med with a minor in photography; what I want to do in life is be an OB/GYN with a side business as a photographer for expecting mothers, newborns and their families.

Either way, I want to work with pregnant women and their babies :D

Moving on, my roommate is my best friend, who has a serious attitude/self-absorption problem, that I hope clears up really fucking soon. My school is only 45 minutes from my house and 15 from my horse. Our dorm is the oldest on campus...ALTHOUGH it was just renovated and has all new hardwood floors, mattresses, sinks and desks. They have a realllllly nice rec center on campus...eh.

Ive been a really bad blogger lately, but then again I dont really have many followers :/ I need to talk about more interesting things.

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