Underwear makes a difference.


As of late I have felt terrible about my body image, causing me to go into great binges and bad dieting methods.

Well today I realized that what you wear helps create a better body image, that is...if you like what you're wearing. Today, after a specifically hard workout I jumped in the shower to freshen up before my third immunotherapy treatment this afternoon [since I kind of have the hots for my gynecologist, might as well be presentable, even if she is married with 3 dog children]. I decided that after my shower I would indulge in actually putting on lotion properly. So I get out of my shower, dry off and dig through the unmentionables drawer and decide to wear some sexy black lace Victoria's Secret underwear, just cause [they are comfortable]. And low and behold! I instantly feel better about myself because the underwear make me look good by themselves...or maybe its the confidence that comes with sexy underwear...who knows but either way it worked.

Victoria's Secret Lace Undies

And these are what I had been wearing before, they are cute, but not very sexy:
No Boundaries Stretch Cotton Bikini

The price is quite a difference I know, but being on the mailing list for Victoria's Secret I get free undies monthly :] so it's really no biggie to me.

Happy Thursday.

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