2nd Treatment.


So I had my second Lupron treatment this morning. Its not too bad yet. The injection spot itches and the medicine feels like it's spiraling through my body quickly. It makes me loopy and off-quilter. But for the most part it will make my life a whole lot better, in the long run. Im starting Prempro and hydrocodone again. Prempro is a bitch. Hydrocodone is...GOOD. Next week I have to get my knee x-rayed and probably CT scanned because something randomly snapped in my leg.

More later. This entry was to fill the time I have to sit still during my lunch period. I dont go to actual lunch...but I go to my art room's computer lab to study/meditate/what-have-you. WHATEVER. Im bored. I want to go home with my mom again. I like spending time with her, not high school students. Pad thai is also waiting for me at home :]] Hopefully precal goes quickly. I hate that class.

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