My lesbian spectrum just got broader.

So I've decided that some God out there loves me because well...I've been exposed to very lesbian things recently. Not only am I becoming with my sexuality but my friends and parents are as well. It makes me feel extremely proud when my dad makes some gay referenced joke at my expense, noting agreeably that I definitely acknowledge what he says as extremely true and no further definable. ALSO I have discovered 5 lesbians in my neighborhood and one of them is damn sexy too. She looks like Jane Lynch and Melissa Ethridge's love child, she is tasty and drives a black Jeep Wrangler. Nothing screams butch more than driving a Jeep with the windows down and a mullet style shag haircut.

And then there's Liz Feldman and her spunky, rough, and adultish lesbian humor. Not only is she funny, smart, sarcastic, and sexy, BUT she has devilishly handsome guestbians on her show and her co-writer is so yummy to look at.

We can't forget Rachel Maddow either of course. I love her.

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KayakMango said...

haha. this post was a good change of pace. keep positive bek