I am awake and it is almost 2 in the morning here. Prempro, the horrible, she-devil of hormone replacement therapy is developing insomnia in my body. I will from now on refer to my body as its own entity while my mind is the better being. My mind is, for the most part, predictable; My body on the other hand, decides as fault, that it can do whatever the hell it wants to, wherever, whenever. So, because of my new found extra daily hours, my eyebrows now have a newer curve, my face is healing under the new layer of Proactiv, my nails are clipped, my government project is completely finished, my room is cleaner and my outfit is laying out ready for me to throw on in the morning. 

Tomorrow I need to:
  • finalize senior shirt designs
  • write circle discussion questions for Persuasion
  • finish precal homework
  • clean my room
  • hug my mother and father and thank them for everything they do for me
  • strangle iMovie and GarageBand
  • make sure niece is doing ok
  • check up on uncle
  • tell myself repeatedly that I am blessed to still be alive, well [PHAHA!], and cancer-free [inside joke, with myself? lame.]
I am losing weight rapidly again, I can see every bone in my abdomen and back. I still dont understand my body but I guess I have a really long time to figure it out. I would REALLY like for some genius to find a cure for endometriosis though; that would make life a hell of a lot easier and more enjoyable, and I wouldnt have to keep daily logs of what happens [that. is. annoying.]

Lately I have had a fascination with Anne Hathaway's breasts. THEY ARE PERFECT. porcelain white. not too big but not miniscule. they are yummy.

OH, and a new goal Ive started for myself; "Do something every day that scares you." -Eleanor Roosevelt, so I will do things outside of my comfort zone to push myself further into the world I have so successfully stayed out of. Tuesday, I actually applied for a job at a very social place: STARBUCKS. and a flower shoppe that doesnt scare me at all haha, but starbucks sure did.

Wednesday: I spoke to LMN. believe me, that's scary. 

Today: who knows. I dont see anything frightening in my future yet. Although I almost bet that one of the job places will call to schedule an interview.

2 discussions:

Tarryn said...

Im glad that im on the to-do list :) that means alot to me

I could help you with imovie and garageband, im working with it in school.
I love the comment on Anne Hathaway that was nice

KayakMango said...

i think thats a great idea, do something each day that scares you...i just might try that