With nothing inspiring for a polite blog...

...I steal a survey/boredom saver from facebook and fill it out. Fill the numbers out with facts, hopes, opinions, and thoughts and then write about the most significant people of your life.

1. I love the skin of a woman, the smell, the taste, the softness, the glow, the freckles.
2. I care more about making a relationship work and feeling something for the person, than about sex.
3. Politics are obscene.
4. I used to live in an old Victorian house in Marshall, MO that is now 153 years old, and its the one biggest thing I miss the most about my childhood.
5. Both of my parents are graphic designs that own their own very successful companies, I wonder where my artistic ebb comes from...
6. Im fighting something bigger than myself and deal with its problems everyday, and Im still the president of 5 organizations and the E&C of a newspaper and I do everything well and with a smile.
7. No one knows my pain.
8. Im in love with a girl that doesn't acknowledge my presence unless she wants artwork done and I let it happen.
9. Ever since she died in the accident, I cant watch the nightly news out of fear that Ill see another person I love die in a car.
10. I cant distinguish sharp or soft angles/corners when Im without glasses or contacts.
11. I have a hand fetish.
12. I shorten all of my best friends names [i.e. Clau, Shan, Joce] because it always sounds more intimate, loving and more significant than just calling them by their full names, and it comforts me to just reassure MYSELF that I can call them that, Im the only one that does it and they like it.
13. I hope to make an impact on the world before I die.
14. I was on my way to becoming a champion barrel racer until that night, now that dream is gone and Im deathly afraid to ride the horse that I still love, and I still go to to spill all of my worries to her because I know she will comfort me in that weird way that a horse can communicate through contact. I can rely on her more than any person I have ever met.
15. Color is the only thing I need to make it through life.

MOMMY: you are so strong, you put up with me, and you care about me. its sad to say but thats really hard to come by. growing up its been mainly you and me and thats okay but it always seems really weird when dad gets home from a business trip. you're the tan german with piercing ice blue eyes and im the ivory white scot with dark green eyes, but we share the same nose, eye shape, hair color and long legs. im thankful for everything you've done for me.
JOCE: political asshole, drama queen, over your head, conservative, spaz, and I love everything about you.
SHAN: we met in the rain, we filled mailboxes with rainwater and we always strip ourselves of our bras to this day and run through the streets even if there are only a few sprinkles, its just simply our ritual that no one can understand except us. you woke up on countless Saturday mornings at 5 AM with me to groom Westernaires horses in below freezing weather because you just enjoyed every moment we had together. snowboarded everyday after school. and we still think we're badass if we sneak out at 2 AM to go to the park :]] bestestestest friend forever. you are the giraffe and I am the gazelle.
CLAU: we go chinchilla shopping, and then end up looking at all the cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, mice, hampsters and fish and you still decide that you want the chinchilla after driving to 4 pet stores. AND in the end...you end up with a pekingnese. GENIUS. we jump the fence to the pool at 2 AM so we can skinnydip. you're my only straight [girl] friend that is completely comfortable around me naked and its not even that big of a deal, just a realization. you value my opinion over everything more than anyone elses and I treasure that fact.
LAUREN: I dont know why I love you. Well I do, but I dont know why I let myself love you. I have a feeling that you only make it seem like you have feelings left for me so you can use my emotions to your advantage and suck my artistic ability out for your own benefit. I hate everything about you because everything about you makes me love you more. I wish I was the only girl for you.
KIAYA: you're pretty amazing, our opinions are all VERY VERY different but thats what usually matches best. I hope you figure out how to accept yourself and how to be lenient on both that and your religion equally. I know it has to be hard but in the end its all what YOU think is right. and you pretty much pull me through my days and make me want to keep making art because you take the time to look at what I produce. thank you :]

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And I will leave you tonight with the work of Gustav Klimt.

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