My Desperate Attempt at Releasing My Emotions.

All I want to do is love you girl,
Your sweet and simple soul,
Inside that deep and dangerous heart
Its there I want to reap and sow
My loving threads to bind every break
An mend
And heal every scar in my wake.

Because you see inside MY soul
I hold a hope so strong,
That someday you will let us look up,
Ahead and push along.

Nothing seems too farfetched for the light of a loving embodiment
So sit back, hold on; hold me, well past our retirement.
I can live in a dream or put it into action;
But Ill choose both, because both would be just as well together
As our perpetual emotional attraction;

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KayakMango said...

i feel like ive been hit by a ton of bricks. this is incredible. good job!