Its October, and Im Happier Than I Have Been

I think I am the moon's child, my moods are always fluctuating and balancing between the moons cycles; always highest level of insanity and insomnia around full-moons.
But not only is it that, but...obviously recently Ive been in really bad moods...and then today I woke up and I had this mental awareness that today would be great, because the moon just switched into its 4th equinox (the beginning of fall).

-ex went into the psych/suicide ward
-i got yellow paint on a black hoodie! YES!
-i passed an econ quiz for once
-i smiled alot more than usual
-i found a threshold of GAZILLIONS of sheets of suede and velour board, THE MOTHERLOAD!
-and i havent worried once about LMN!

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