The Corruption of UIL All-Region Orchestra Auditions

So it went bad.

No, not my playing, my playing was fantastic, best Ive ever played in a competition alone. My judges were corrupted.

Tell me how someone that devotes the past 8 weeks of her life to practicing grade 1 music excerpts and executes it REALLY well in an audition majorly inhabited by cocky asians and ends up placing 65th out of 80?

My teacher, my parents and all of my friends that were auditioning with me are PISSED. Everyone thinks the judging system was corrupted because an old orchestra director [who happened to be judging in our rooms] comes up to us and asks our numbers [we had designated numbers, the auditions are supposed to be anonymous] and all of us are of course like...why would she care, why would she want to know. It turns out both kids from HER orchestra made it while only ONE from ours did, our teachers can recognize our playing and therefore give really high marks when we come around.

My solution: no more teacher judges, find us some real judges you UIL bitches, make it fair for everyone.

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KayakMango said...

interesting similarity, to the olympics. hmm french judge gave the french athlete the best score. hmm. sound suspicious?? nah!