Kill Them With Kindness

I sat down and thought today about how much I never really thanked everyone around me for being the people they are. For the last 4 years Ive been around tons of influences (although in the weirdest way) that have shaped me into what I am right now. So during my lunch period, which I never go to seeing as how Im a wallflower I go to my art room, my sanctuary in essence, and start to right a heartfelt letter to my art teacher. She listened to me cry and ramble about my new found medical disease and she told me everything would be okay, even throwing in personal experiences. Having that kind of conversation opened the realization that I felt closer to her than "just a teacher" as I wrote in the letter. Beginning last year after coming out to my parents in late November I broke down and told her everything because she had that aura of being trustworthy. My junior year I had a seperate section of AP Drawing made for me and since I was the only one in the class I think I learned more about this art teacher than anyone would probably ever know and today she opened up even more. I dont think I could ever thank them all enough, or how would even be possible to portray all of my thanks to them.

Pertaining to that topic, my high school has just accepted Rachel's Challenge, which is an organization in memory of Rachel Joy Scott (first victim of Columbine shootings) and I was chosen as one of the leaders for the continuance of the FOR(Friends Of Rachel) organization. Rachel Scott always promoted compassion, kindness, healing and loving; to have been chosen as a leader for that, is astounding because someone actually see's the me I am. She never discriminated and often stood up for the new kids and the disabled when they were taunted by lesser kind classmates. It was a tragedy that her life was taken as the initiation of the Columbine massacre but she herself even knew her life would be cut short. The diary entries she had compacted in the now famous Rachel's Tears journal often immortalized her realizations that she would die young, she stated that "the world we've made will be the cause of my death," and she always held that knowledge with the highest regard and it never bothered her; because she would start that chain reaction that everyone follows now. Thank you Rachel Scott.

Also in perspective, Ive found out whats wrong with my lower stomach, so no more hopeless searching. I have endometriosis and its a good thing it was finally recognized, because I have started treatment already to combat it. High hopes for the future now.

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KayakMango said...

your art teacher is one of my heroes!