A Walking Illness Vessel

Im really starting to dislike the feeling that Im not all, alright, inside. Over the past 5 years Ive been to countless doctor's visits, hospital stays, emergency rooms and urgent care offices because of a mysterious pain that keeps growing and growing on the right side of my lower stomach/pubic area. Just recently I was supposed to have gone to a obgyn appointment that fell through because they wouldnt look at me because Im only 17 and "inactive" which is the stupidest reason Ive ever heard of, so I'm scheduled for 3 more appointments; a GI specialist, a sonogram and an obgyn hopefully. I self-diagnosed myself as having a hemorrhagic ovarian cyst because webMD listed all of the symptoms for it and I always have 5 or more of them. But when I told my doctor that I thought I had an ovarian cyst, she completed evaded the question and blamed it on scar tissue, fatty tissue and intestinal problems. My complaint is, why couldnt she just look inside and find the thing that Ive already diagnosed? and if I were right, would I have the ability to sue this doctor for putting me through 5 years of this ridiculous and infuriating pain when it was as simple as doing a pelvic exam?

The frustration continues to heighten as I wait another month until they can get one step closer to cheating me out of doctor expenses after acting like they did work, when they didnt. The next time a doctor just sets me down on the table and LISTS the options for what could be wrong with me, Im going to give them a piece of my mind and tell them to look at me or expect no more loyalties to that dr. office. Im tired of hurting!

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