How I realized I was Gay

Way back when, middle school years, lets say 5th and 6th grade, I subconsciously started confronting my sexual orientation. In the atmosphere of puberty, intramural sports and silly crushes I found my sexual calling. Sometime around January or February when volleyball starting coming out of the woodwork so did the lesbian referees and there was one I was particularly fascinated with. You see, she was always judged and put down for looking like a guy and having that aura of lesbiandom and somehow when my classmates were putting her down I felt like part of me was being ripped out; so with that I put myself in the closet until my sophomore year in high school and then I would start to let myself feel comfortable in my own skin but up until now it was an intense journey of growing self-righteousness to make myself be strong while the world brewed in turmoil over homosexual agenda's and lifestyles.

That is also something I will never grasp; what is so different about the homosexual lifestyle as opposed to the heterosexual lifestyle...we all eat, sleep, drink, shower, love, live and learn and somehow homosexuals are put in the corner to be probed at.

So at my age right now I feel very comfortable with my lesbianness and I WILL stick up for it whenever opportunity reveals itself. I came out in early November of 2007 and although my parents cried and were upset for a few weeks, they now comfort and support me in every decision I make and when society places hate they defend me. And another shocking reality, they have both changed political parties to help support me and my future as a gay woman.

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