So I've stumbled across some new thoughts recently. And they are things I should have put into action way before now.

One being the fact that only I, myself, can control my future and my happiness; so from this thought I'm influencing upon myself the power that I need to push the bad away and pull the good in. I have also promised myself that I will try harder in school this year to eliminate stress and clutter and instead of arguing and causes frustration I will "kill people with kindness", also another way to cut down my stress levels.

Another brain child has been that wisdom doesn't always have to come with age. My 12-year old niece is mature when she needs to be and she often helps me when I'm down by preaching my own words when I cant even function those. It makes me really proud to know that I'm her role model and I'm setting a good example for her so far into her life.

Working for what you want: having motivation to gain something is a self-esteem boost. Lets say, if I wanted to be Editor and Chief of my newspaper staff I would need to build up my motivation, which has worked, Ive actually proposed my intention to be the E&C and my instructor seemed every pleased [another boost].

Building confidence: getting back into that saddle after 2 1/2 months of recuperation was enough of a boost of confidence that I just want to keep riding all the time. Even though I'm still scared to ride around other horses I always take her down to the arena to acclimate her with the unfamiliars' once more. Being able to ride on barrel Tuesdays will still be an obstacle to overcome.

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