Oh sweet Jesus...lesbians everywhere.

Its my first real day on campus at the University of North Texas and I love this freedom.

Ive moved all of my junk into my room [and by myself, I might add, woo pride] and it's all situated the way I want it; now all thats left to do is move Claudia in.

Since Ive been here I have:
-applied to be a model
-applied to work wedding receptions
-applied to work at a scrub shop
-moved 5 bags, 2 boxes, 3 pillows, a comforter and a broom into my room
-taken the stairs instead of the elevator 3 times "]
-eaten in the cafeteria downstairs.

On the To-Do list:
-check out the rec center
-do my weight sets
-eat dinner
-possibly run
-meet people

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