School District Crisis.


Its crazy how badly my parents attitudes towards me affect me.

Yesterday, my teacher turned me into the principal for having nudity in my portfolio.
After a whole year of her approval on the subject matter of my portfolio...she turned me in.
So basically I lost all of my portfolio and my parents are fighting the school system. And now I have to come up with a whole new portfolio with 12 new pieces...in a week. Because of this my parents are extremely furious and they wont get off my ass about getting all these new pieces done. When Im leaving the house to go to my best friends house they give me the look I hate, the look thats like..."you know you should really stay here or we'll be disappointed" so I leave really pissed off because of something so small. I just constantly feel like I cant do anything right.

Not to mention, my teacher just undermined me and Im pretty sure the principals at school think Im a pervert lesbian. Which Im not, my artwork was very tasteful. Ugh.

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