What are we here for?

Ive realized that I have no reason to live for myself.
I benefit from nothing that I do out of pleasure.

INSTEAD, I will live to produce, serve and ruin myself by succumbing
to the desires of others. That's my rant for the evening.

Also, I feel like I will never find the right woman. I choose to believe that I have a higher level of maturity even at my tender age of 17 and because of that I am super urgent to find a fantastic woman that would sweep me off of my feet and catch the fall. I need a woman that has the intelligence level of LMN and the beauty of Jennifer Beals and Dita von Teese combined, with the ability to pursue her goals with ambition and never fault, with the desire to live a passion driver relationship and never let it become routine. She would need to love kids, love women and only me, be my beacon of hope and my backbone but overall she would need to have some uncanny ability to make everything seem alright when its us together. Imagine holding hands or kissing so passionately that nothing debilitating in your life could hinder the way she makes you feel. 
Thats only simplified, thus the reason I cant find her. 
Only four more years and I can meet all the real women :]

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KayakMango said...

Don't we all want that!!!