Fresh New Start for Bek

So this is my new start at living life.
Although Im starting to put faith into the fact that life doesnt really start until high school ends Im starting fresh and living to just have fun while I can. I went through a dirty, nasty break up with this girl that I thought was lovely at first but ended up being a terror on my life when things didnt go her way. So this is my renewal.
Im currently in my hometown in Missouri for a funeral for a best friend of mine who died in a horrific car accident July 3rd. Prayers and thoughts go out to all the families.
RENT is an amazing musical and I regret not paying attention to the sales for Broadway seeing as how it retires September 7th, 2008, it sucks uber much. It would be amazing if my dad could pull some strings with people he knows to get tickets for my family. RENT is definitely a legend.

Mosquitoes suck.
Peace out lovers.

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